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The Island's first shooting simulator

Realistic shooting at moving targets on an indoor screen.

Replay your shots on the screen to train yourself.

No recoil, no cartridge discharge.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Screenshot offers the Marksman Training Systems ST-2 shooting simulator, set in one of the largest screen layouts in Europe.

The simulator uses a 3-D Gyroscopic camera sensor attached to the gun barrel, with an accuracy of 1cm over 100m.

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Choose Your Own Scenarios

After calibrating the gun to your setting, shoot at realistic moving targets with backgrounds from around the world.

Most clay disciplines are available, and there are two screens: a vertical screen for clays, game, and moving rifle targets, and an angled overhead screen for overhead targets.

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Improve With Every Shot

Use the dummy range gun or your own gun to shoot with; whatever you prefer.


Shots are recorded and can be analysed in replay to evaluate your performance. Check your gun movement and hit position, as well as the quality of the hit (or miss!).

Book a Session

Book your slot via Country Pursuits. You can book a one or two hour slot for 1-3 people, or send an enquiry for groups of 7+.

© 2023 by ScreenShot.


Unit 8A, Tromode Estate

Carr's Lane, Tromode



Isle of Man

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